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Arab Agricultural Production Company Ltd.

About The Company

Arab Agricultural Production Company Ltd.‎ Founded in 2015 but actually we start in 1988 as an Agriculture ‎company for Fruits and ‎Vegetables production in Egypt.‎ ‎ We have more than 25 years experience.‎ We are joint venture between:‎ AgriDev, ADC, agrogate, and Egychem.‎ Our activity:‎ ‎- Export vegetables and fruits.‎ ‎-‎‏ ‏Export Medicinal & Aromatics plants.‎ ‎- Export Spices & Herbs.‎ ‎- Export pickles and Luffa.‎ ‎- Export Road Salt.‎ ‎- Import fertilizers.‎ ‎- Import pesticides.‎ ‎- Import household pesticides.‎ ‎- Land reclamation.‎

Haram City

phone : +201148849744

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