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Boraoui Center for Training and Skills Development

About The Company

There was a lot of talk about investment of all kinds to get out of the successive crises in our country, and the violent shocks that increased the fragility of our society, and large glass bazaars were built with huge bank supplies to market various international goods and brands at fictional prices. It was a dream that haunted me for more than ten years, and I applaud this modest center from my own savings and income from my activity as a study office specializing in topography, cartography and geographic information systems related to various networks. As we encountered during this simple experience estimated at thirty years in this sector (since 1988) many obstacles and the most painful to me was the human cadres of engineers and technicians who have recently graduated, as they find it difficult to adapt within the work institutions and sometimes there is a big gap even in The programs they received during the training and work requirements, which require special qualification, such as mastering some necessary software or modern equipment as a means of work. For that, we decided to invest in this sector and provide a service in the form of short-term courses in many specialties aimed at raising the efficiency of performance Work in all sectors or obtaining a qualification that allows the participants to find a job opportunity.

Ain Sfiha Setif



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