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About The Company

A brief summary of the American Forever Living Company. It is a specialized company based in Arizona, USA, that owns the largest farms in the world to cultivate aloe vera (aloe vera), which is called the "miracle plant", because it has been proven in the medical world of the amazing benefits and therapeutic and healing benefits for many diseases for many centuries. After cultivating the plant under the best conditions of agricultural care and practical methods, the company's factories produce therapeutic and cosmetic preparations (100%) from the magic aloe vera gel without introducing any chemicals or additives in the manufacturing process, which gives the unique advantage of the company's products with purity, quality, quality and proven therapeutic and cosmetic effects. - And in the direction of today's civilized culture to rely on natural (harmless) treatments and cosmetics instead of chemical drugs in order to avoid the negative effects and side effects that chemicals leave on the human body - Forever Living Company sits at the top of the pyramid in this field and takes a prominent place in which it preceded its peers Making it the world leader without a competitor under all measures of quality, development and growth Facts and figures about the company: The Forever Living Company is an American company established in 1978 AD, this company is considered: the largest company in the world for the production of natural therapeutic and cosmetic preparations The company has sales of more than $ 3 billion annually from its premium products * The company is present in more than 165 countries in the world ... The company produces more than 250 health and cosmetic products that are used to help treat many diseases * Holds the seal of quality and purity from the (International Aloe Science Council "Aloe Vera"), which was specially established in 1981 * As a Supervisory Association, Quality Assurance and Aloe Vera Industry is free from commercial fraud and manipulation Holds the international Kosher seal for the classification of (Halal) from international products * She holds a seal (Islamic Society of California) to match the Sharia requirements for the stages of manufacturing, packaging and production * It holds a patent for a process (chemical stability) in its factories that prevents the oxidation process of plants after cutting and which the plant loses its properties * It owns the largest farms in the world of aloe vera plants and produces its preparations under the best conditions and agricultural and laboratory care.

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