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ِActive Pollens for Natural Products


About The Company

Active Pollens Egyptian Company specialized in the extraction and production of natural plants which extracted from wild plant pollen free from any harmful chemicals without any side effects Our Company Established in 1982 to be one of the leading companies in the field of alternative medicine, but in a new type and technique based on the extraction of plant pollen and its use as an effective ingredient in the preparations and thus we have changed the prevailing concepts at the time about the use of natural herbs and natural products, depending on the methods of research Scientific research and integrated scientific research teams integrated in the fields of plant science, pharmacy, medicine and composed of the most efficient professors of Egyptian universities in those fields The company depends on the export of its products as raw materials to European countries such as Italy, Canada, Spain and other countries that are interested in this field.

114 Haram St. Gizah



phone : 01144844830

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