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Blogging design BLOGS professionally and how to use it in marketing products and services The design of a site that is easy to navigate and contains everything that the target customers want Make website content compelling and compelling for customers and wait as long as possible Blog Marketing & Blogs - Marketing Using Forums - Marketing Using Classified Ads Facebook Marketing - How Facebook Turns Into A Great Market That Sells Your Products Worldwide Marketing using Twitter - Marketing using LinkedIn - Marketing using Google Plus - Email marketing Make a video of your products - Video Marketing Example (YouTube) Marketing by RSS - Marketing with the latest elements and mechanisms of electronic marketing through the science of Search Engine marketing Page Marketing SEO & Off Page SEO Make the site the top ten sites in search results in the Google search engine Strategies in many ways of marketing through the Internet Analysis of the site using Google Analytics Analytics - Create the Site Map Site map for the speed of archiving in the search engines Specializes in all Web Master Tools reports Marketing products and services to all countries of the world by Google Adwords Marketing by creating paid advertising campaigns through Facebook Marketing by creating paid ad campaigns through LinkedIn Marketing by creating paid ad campaigns on other sites Develop strategies to export and market your products and services to the whole world through the mechanisms and elements of electronic commerce through the Internet Specialist in B2B Business to Business - Use the top 5 e-business websites within the Internet Prepare a market study (product analysis and market analysis) through stronger statistical sites and daily reports Pricing of products before and after import and export using the top 30 pricing factors - Identifying consumer behavior Knowledge of the cultures of the commercial countries - the knowledge of the most important commercial cities in most countries of the world Search for the most important companies and factories for different products in different countries of the world Obtaining products, then marketing, exporting, or importing them - guide you to the most important travel tips for all countries of the world Specializing in selling and buying on auction sites - Knowing the most important trade secrets related to the import and export process Working on corporate websites such as Alibaba website Working on e-markets for individuals such as eBay website and market location Guide you to the most important online banks used in Internet marketing and international trade To guide you in the top ten Arab sites to sell and buy The most important methods of shipping and different methods of payment and the adoption of the document - the basics of import and export and customs clearance Guide you to problems and solutions in customs clearance, sea and air ports The most important documents for export and import operations Writing e-mails in business English - Negotiating Skills Best Tips for Successful Online Trading and Avoid Fraud and Monument - Tips on Travel and Processing for International Exhibitions. Using Google Adwords for Effective Export - Strategies for designing and planning e-commerce campaigns Develop export and marketing strategies for your products by eBay Specializing in the site of TradeMap Develop sales strategies on B2B sites such as Baba, Badbego and Global Resources Develop sales strategies on C2C sites such as ebay and market sites



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